Race Cup Bedroom

Do you like race cars or are you a fan of speed? Does your child want to be an adult racing driver? Do you want your little one to sleep in an original room to show off with their friends?


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    Children's racing rooms
    You are in luck because we have the best “Race Cup” children's rooms adapted to the needs of all families.

    With our coupe car bed you will have fun letting your imagination run wild before you fall asleep, when you are studying or hanging out. You will sleep in the race car of your dreams.

    The car bed with trundle is not a simple bed, it is a practical car bed that hides an extra bed in case one of your friends goes to sleep at home. Very comfortable for your little one, ideal if you have two children and little space at home, and functional if the extra bed becomes necessary.

    The Race Cup chest of drawers combines great with both the car coupe bed and the car nest bed, being a very practical piece of furniture with 3 very wide drawers and handles in the shape of a wheel.

    Does your son or daughter like speed and want him to be carried away by it in a safe environment? Get your new Race Cup children's bedroom now.


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