Which materials are used in the products?

>Melamine particle board is used in all our product series. In addition, polystyrene material is used in some differente concepts.

What is melamine particle board?

Particle board (chipboard) is produced by pressing special chipboard flakes under heat and pressure so that they can not break apart. Melamine particle boars is easy to carry and install, resistant to scratches, impervious and therefore a preferred material.   

What is polystyrene material?

Used in car beds and ship beds, polystyrene material is a type of plastic which does not conduct heat. Polystyrene, also used in storage and service of food and beverages such as hot and cold drink glass, consists of molecules that do not react with the material when contacted.     Polystyrene is used in car bed consists of 5 layers. One side of this material is polystyrene and other side is crystal and therefore cracks occur due to tension different between the two sides. Thus, both the top and bottom layers must be made os polystyrene. Çilek increases its product quality by using polystyrene on both sides.

Are your beds orthopedic? 

All of our beds, manufactured in various forms and dimensions in line with our series, are orthopedic.

Is the lighting system used in car beds safe?

The adaptors used in car beds are subject to LGA TÜV tests and their safety is certified. In addition, electric installation is assembled to the bed in such way that children’s fingers can not reach to such installation.

Is there any smell in the products? Is ventilation required?

Due to airlight and moisture resistant package technique, there may be slight odor when the package of the product is opened for the first time. But, this odor goes away during installation.

Are the bunk beds stable? Is there any risk of the top part falling down?

Manufactured in line with international safety standards, our bunk beds are extremely reliable and robust. Çilek teams perform installations in accordance with safety standards. As long as the 130 kg bearing capacity is not exceeded and installation is well performed, there is no risk.  

What is the warranty period applicable for the products and which materials are under warranty coverage?

All products are under 5 year warranty coverage. The first year of manufacturing defect and in the case of a defect, we have spare parts. The guarantee is valid from the date of the invoice.  Why is not extendable baby bed rock swings, and is not equipped with the elevator part? Designs are manufactured in line with the criteria of international safety standards and therefore some functions are not available in some products. 

Do you use Paint in your products, if yes, is the paint used anti-bacterial?

Paint is used only in some of the accesories in our products. Since wáter based paint is used, it has no health hazard effect whatsoever.

Is your furniture vulnerable to scratches?

Melamine surface is not vulnerable to scratches caused by any factor except cuts. Polystyrene and sticker surfaces are protected against scratches.

Does discoloration or spalling occur at your products?

Discoloration or spalling will not occur at general furniture use áreas. But, products must not be exposed to direct sunlight or high heat.

Are glasses used in the products safe?

Tempered glass is used in our products as per safety standards. Tempered glass is 5 times more resistant compared to unprocessed glass, and is safe since it shatters to dice-size pieces when broken, reducing the risk.

What is the bearing capacity of the drawers?

Bearing capacity of the drawers is 30Kg.

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